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Dronepedia. Drones For Beginners Under $100. Part one - Syma X5C

Getting a drone for kids or beginners for the first time is a pretty awesome experience.

Syma X5C  drone.

The Syma X5C is really durable and arguably the most popular mini drone there is. In the box, you're getting the Syma X5C quadcopter, Syma X5C battery, controller, charger and it even comes standard with a 720P camera.

One of the best features about the Syma X5C drone is that it's almost indestructible and it's supper fun to fly. It's also much larger than the Hubsan X4 which makes it easier to see while flying and harder to lose or step on, so if you're planning on buying drones for kids, the X5C is a great option.

Another thing you can do with the Syma X5C drone is use it like a mini training drone for the DJI Phantoms. For example, if you want to fly the Phantom 3 manually, but you're too scared to watch it drift all over the place and potentially crash, you can use the X5C to build more confidence by practicing all of the maneuvers that you're not comfortable doing with the Phantom.


Syma X5C accessories: