Replacement parts and accessories for DJI drones

DJI Mavic Pro platinum parts and accessories.

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and Accessories and Parts for Mavic Pro Platinum.

Mavic Pro Platinum Features:

- A new and improved 30-minute flight time coupled with 60% noise reduction makes the Mavic Pro Platinum DJI's best portable drone yet.

- New FOC sinusoidal driver ESCs and 8331 propellers mean that up to 4 dB (60%) of aircraft noise has been lowered during takeoff and landing, and maximum flight time has been extended to 30 minutes, providing a quieter and more enjoyable flight experience.

- The 8331 propellers have a brand new aerodynamic design giving the Mavic Pro Platinum an impressive noise control performance, and new FOC ESC drivers offer sinusoidal current for increased stability.

The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvas easily and without worry, helping you make every moment an aerial moment. Its compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it one of DJI's most sophisticated flying cameras ever.

The new Mavic Pro Platinum is available today at $1,099, with the Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo (Mavic Pro Platinum original package, 2 extra batteries, 2 extra propellers, 1 charging hub, 1 car charger, 1 battery to power bank adaptor and a shoulder bag) at $1,399.

Reasons you may need to buy parts and accessories for your new Mavic Pro Platinum:

-  Parts wear out — Mavic Pro Platinum propellers, or motors, or batteries...

- Things break —  Mavic Pro Platinum parts like landing gear, antennas and gimbals.

- You may want to add convenience for your DJI Mavic Platinum — cameras, extra batteries and a chargers, a carrying case or something as simple as gimbal or a lanyard for a controller...